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Petfundr is a fundraising platform for nonprofits and groups that need powerful, free and effective solutions to raise money online for pet, wildlife, stray, and other animal needs.

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 Animal fundraising platform for all animal care projects 

 We provide animal shelters, rescues, wildlife groups and nonprofits with the right tools that empower you to save more animals.

Animal shelters

Housing, caring and feeding needs

Rescue missions

Rescue injured, abandoned or helpless animals

Veterinary care

Cover the cost of veterinary visits, treatment and healthcare

Service animals

Training service animals and preparing them for adoption.

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On top of non-urgent and strategic animal welfare projects, Petfundr is also extremely helpful for urgent appeals, accidents and force-majeur cases.

You can start raising funds in minutes. Setting up a campaign takes less than a few hours. Our extensive social sharing superpowers, secure and fast payment processing will help you reach more people and raise more money quicker and more effectively than any other platform.

Types of animal fundraising campaigns you can run on Petfundr


Petfundr’s unique Micro-campaign functionality provides an efficient way to create small engaging campaigns that each tell a specific story about an animal under your care. Transform and increase efficiency of your fundraising with hundreds of easy to deploy and emotionally engaging small campaigns.

Peer-to-peer fundraising

Running fundraising events, marathons, walk-a-thons has become so much easier! With Petfundr you can seamlessly organize and run a peer-to-peer fundraising event with leaderboard, registration and tickets. 

Crowdfunding campaigns 

Beautiful crowdfunding pages equipped with all the tools for successful fundraising: social sharing, donation collection, writing updates and thanking your supporters.

Social-savvy donation form

Are you interested in raising funds via donation form? Create and customize your branded donation form and link it where you want. You can collect recurring payments, enable social share and use widgets or donate button.

How Nowzad raised $300,000 with Micro-campaigns

About Nowzad: Often when brave men and women are serving in a war zone they find themselves rescuing one of the many stray dogs or cats that are struggling to survive there. These soldiers are not only a salvation for the animal; the dog or cat are often described as 'lifelines' to their soldier. When the soldier's tour of duty comes to an end, it is unthinkable to leave their four legged comrade that they've bonded with, behind.





Small Team

big impact

Nowzad creates a new microproject for each case and focuses on telling the unique story of a soldier and an animal.

Donors track the specific story and get personalized updates about the impact of their donation.

Due to scalability and intuitive navigation of the platform, creating each campaign is fast and easy even with limited time and resources.

Enterprise Edition

Perfect for

  • International nonprofits
  • Nonprofits with multiple chapters or locations
  • Companies working with animal shelters or rescues who can provide additional value by adding crowdfunding

Enterprise Edition gives you a platform to manage crowdfunding for all the animal related organizations you support. You can add and oversee all of your local, national or international locations, while giving them fine-tuned and secure permissions to manage their own campaigns, and fundraising.

You can choose to have contributed funds flow from all of the organizations running under your Enterprise Edition to your account for centralized financial controls, or have the funds flow to each organization independently.

  • Manage fundraising for all your organizations centrally
  • Determine the best flow of funds
  • Increase participation in fundraising efforts
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