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PetFundr has the most extensive one-click social sharing capabilities in the industry which help your pet care campaign reach as many people as possible, in the channels you prefer.

Public social includes Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you or your circle prefer to spread the word about the campaign privately, then tap into the power of private social channels such as Messenger, Whatsapp, Email, text and more. 

You can also control the visibility of your crowdfunding campaign by allowing it to be found via search engines like Google or turning it off.

Get better results by keeping your circle updated and active during the entire campaign timeframe.

PetFundr makes posting or scheduling updates easy and very effective for you. Your updates will automatically be sent to all people who contributed or subscribed to your fundraising campaign. It is a great way to actively engage your supporters and receive additional contributions and social support.

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PetFundr is part of a collaborative funding platform ConnectionPoint with sibling platforms CoCoPayFundRazr and Crowdfundr.


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  • Great looking mobile-friendly crowdfunding pages
  • Secure and trusted payment processing
  • Funds go directly into your accounts with no delays
  • Personal data remains secure and private
  • Intuitive, after-contribution prompt for social sharing
  • Wish-list items for breaking down the goal into the actionable impact
  • Proactive, compassionate and quick customer support (from real humans only!)

Remember, your family and friends care about you and your pet. They want to help, but often don’t know how.

With PetFundr you can give them an opportunity to be part of your pet’s journey toward better living.

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