Remove Financial Barriers and Increase Access to Care

PetFundr is for single or multi-location veterinary practices and animal hospitals. PetFundr Enterprise is also available to veterinary networks and service providers.

Add PetFundr as a payment method and give more pet owners more options for better care.

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Offer PetFundr Secure Crowdfunding to Ensure Access
to Care

Instead of being unable to provide your best care due to a patient’s owners not having enough access to funds, PetFundr gives you the tools to provide them with a secure option to crowdfund what they need. The process is simple and will usually yield great results within a few days, with all funds going directly into your practice or hospital’s bank account.

PetFundr gives you the opportunity to join with your pet parents’ most powerful ally – their community – to provide their pets with your care. By turning your care into the most meaningful gift that friends and family can give to their loved ones – health, well-being and quality of life for their pet – your practice becomes the locus for this outpouring of love and support.

Crowdfunding with PetFundr in 3 Easy Steps 


Set up your provider account with PetFundr

Apply now and we will help you set up your free provider account. You can customize the settings, vet and approve campaigns, invite team members, set up your branded crowdfunding landing page and add payment information.


Offer PetFundr to your patients

Create a “Crowdfund with PetFundr” link on your website or individually offer PetFundr to price-sensitive patients. Based on your preference, we can provide an additional layer of support and gentle coaching for your clients to help them successfully fund their projects.


Collect funds and provide your patients with your care

Funds raised by a patient directly go to your practice or business. PetFundr doesn’t hold any of your money, rather the funds are sent directly by our trusted payment providers (PayPal, Stripe) to you based on the schedule that you set (daily, weekly, monthly). Our experience and data say that most pet and animal crowdfunding projects get their funding in 24-72 hours after the launch as family and friends of a patient recognize the importance and urgency of the need.


PetFundr costs your practice nothing

Direct Deposit

All funds raised are deposited to your account

Full Approval

You approve all campaigns

Key Benefits for your Animal Hospital or Veterinary Practice

When more than one treatment is viable for care, you want your patients to get the best outcome, not just an acceptable one. PetFundr gives pet and large animal owners the option to get the best care you can offer, not just what they can afford.

Insurance and Financing Aren’t Always Enough

Some patients won’t have insurance and those that do may have pre-existing conditions that aren’t covered, or high deductibles. Some pet owners won’t qualify for financing, or they won’t get financed for enough. PetFundr can replace, or supplement both gaps in insurance coverage and financing challenges at our much lower cost than financing.

Adding PetFundr to your mix of payment options gives your patient’s owners more possibilities thereby reducing barriers to care while lowering your total cost of collecting payments.

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An Amplified Referral Engine

You will get dozens of new referral opportunities from every pet owner that runs a PetFundr campaign under your brand.

You know that your clients bring the best referrals, but if a client of yours uses a public platform for crowdfunding (as tens of thousands do), your hospital or clinic is left out of the story. With PetFundr, your pet owners can raise the funds they need under your brand and with your story incorporated into their campaign.

Every person who receives a crowdfunding request from your client is getting an endorsement of your hospital – essentially saying to everyone they know: “I trust this veterinary care provider with my beloved pet.” It’s the best kind of referral – amplified!


Get your single or multi-location animal hospital or veterinary clinic up and running with Minimal Effort

Getting PetFundr set up for your single or multi-location hospital takes minimal effort and you can easily do it on your own, or using our low cost implementation services. We are also there to support you every step of the way. You take care of your patients, we’ll take care of their owner’s campaigns.


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Enterprise Edition

Perfect for

  • Large veterinary networks
  • Veterinary medical associations and societies (VMAs)
  • Veterinary service and technology providers who can provide additional value by adding crowdfunding

Enterprise Edition gives you a platform to manage crowdfunding for all the veterinary hospitals and practices you support. You can add and oversee all of your clinics, while giving them fine-tuned and secure permissions to control campaigns, and pet owner engagement.

You can choose to have contributed funds flow from all of the clinics running under your Enterprise Edition to your account for centralized financial controls, or have the funds flow to each organization independently.

  • Make your care more accessible
  • Improve pet owner satisfaction
  • Increase revenue
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